I love my one to one ratio products with THC and CBD combined

Before medical cannabis became legal in my state, I had no choice but to find products on the black market through local friends.

This was a hit and miss experience where at times we’d be rewarded with phenomenal cannabis flower buds, but more often than not it was weed with pesticides and other strange chemicals in it that would give you headaches whenever you smoked and inhaled it.

There was this sickly-sweet aroma and taste to some black market weed that would remind me of saccarine or splenda. Once a buddy of mine tested a sample in the university’s chemistry laboratory and he found multiple pesticides and fungicides in the cannabis flower from the cultivation process. This kind of weed would sometimes give me strange neuropathy where I’d feel buzzes of energy zapping me at various points throughout my body. Since moving to a state legal medical marijuana, I haven’t had these problems. It’s also nice having access to CBD products that are derived from traditional cannabis plants instead of simply hemp. I am in love with “ratio” products that are 50% THC and 50% CBD inside, giving you a balanced experience between the two cannabinoids. Products that are high in THC with very little CBD often have the unintended effect of giving me uncomfortable anxiety that makes it hard to appreciate the other beneficial medical effects from the cannabinoid. When I started using varying doses of CBD in conjunction with THC products, I noticed the anxiety symptoms diminish more and more. With the ratio, or “one to one” products that have an equal amount of THC and CBD inside, I feel the most benefits of all.

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