Looking Forward to a Healthy Future

My anorexia goes back to junior high.

This was a time for me when I felt great shame about being too fat.

But nobody told me that how I looked was normal and my body would continue to change throughout my life. All I felt was my similarity to a whale. Medical cannabis and the benefits of medical marijuana are helping me undo nearly 2 decades of bad feelings and bad treatment of myself. I think my body just finally had enough because it just basically broke down on me. But could you blame a body for splitting down when I had only eaten very little ition in almost 20 years? It took my body shutting down for me to take my eating disorder seriously enough to go seek out treatment. I’m now in therapy and space of my treatment regimen includes medical cannabis products. For me, the benefits of medical marijuana are pretty successful. First, I’m learning how to eat based on a healthy appetite. Medical cannabis products enhance my desire for food and in turn, I learn what my body want as far as nutrients. It’s helpful to learn to be hungry, which sounds odd. Yet, medical cannabis is also instrumental in helping me discover how amazing my body is, no matter what size it is. With the help of cannabis flower products and cannabis foodstuffs, I’m getting more and more comfortable with my body. This is because what I look care about is less important than what I feel like. I’m really looking forward to a healthy future and I owe a lot of that to medical marijuana.


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