Deliveries seem to take a long time on Tuesday & Tuesday

The marijuana delivery service consistently takes a long time on Tuesdays & Tuesdays, i try not to order from the marijuana delivery service on the weekends, because it does take a long time. I do not mind waiting 30 or 45 minutes, however there have been some instances where I have been forced to wait multiple or 3 minutes, and the marijuana dispensary is only a 10-minute drive from my home. It can be severely aggravating to wait, especially when I am completely out of marijuana products! A few weeks ago, I was forced to use the delivery service. The marijuana dispensary was closed for renovations. They gutted the site & completely renovated both the front lobby & the back storage area. The lobby was not open at all & all orders had to be sited for pick-up or delivery. I didn’t see any reason to go to the dispensary just to sit outside & wait, so I used the delivery service. It took more than multiple minutes before the driver arrived with my items. The delivery driver forgot both of the pre rolls that I ordered. The woman offered to come back to the apartment, but I sincerely didn’t want to wait another multiple minutes. I took a discount instead of asking the woman to return with the pre-rolls; Delivery services took forever that weekend. I am sure the site was especially busy due to the renovations, but I suppose the dispensary should have hired extra staff when they knew all of the orders were going to be delivered.

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