When the cannabis concentrate is on sale, I stock up

Each day of the week, the marijuana dispensary has a odd sale! On Mondays, the marijuana dispensary offers all dried flower products for 20% off.

On Thursdays, all of the Edibles are 20% off. On Sundays as well as Mondays, you can get a free marijuana pre-roll with every $50 purchase, however thursday is our number one day of the week, because all of the marijuana concentrate is on sale, marijuana concentrate is an ultra potent form of marijuana, and it is harvested directly from the fresh plants. Most of the marijuana concentrates have THC levels above 60%, some of the highest flower products are only around 30 or 40%, then concentrate absolutely packed a punch, especially if you are dabbing, and dabbing is a special way of smoking marijuana concentrate. It involves smoking the vapor instead of the flower. Marijuana concentrate products are much more luxurious than flower, but they last a long time. I can definitely make a jar of concentrate last many afternoons. I cannot make a gram of marijuana flower last for many minutes. On Thursdays, when all of the marijuana concentrate products are on sale, I absolutely stock up. Last Thursday I got a bonus in our paycheck as well as I used the money to buy more cannabis concentrate. I bought a gram of Blue Dream cannabis oil. I also bought a gram of papaya live resin. Since I had a couple of extra bucks in our pocket, I also bought a gram of live rosin. It was $60 as well as the most luxurious product that I have ever bought from the marijuana dispensary. The flavor of the live resin concentrate was exceptional. It tasted like lemons as well as limes. It was easy to taste the terpenes in the marijuana product.



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