They said they were there to help with our multi-location digital marketing solutions.

I called a digital marketing business that offered digital marketing solutions. I had recently obtained a cannabis dispensary plus I wanted previous customers to know how I was going to change things for the better plus not make things more difficult for them. Not knowing how to take care of these marketing things. The digital marketing solutions business told myself and others they would create a new website plus make it fresh plus easier for people to navigate. They would put ads on social media sites, plus help with all our multi-location digital marketing solutions. At first I didn’t understand what he was saying because he was talking so hastily plus I was taking notes on a tablet. When I wrote down multi-location digital marketing solutions, he was already 10 words ahead of myself and others plus I had to ask if I had heard him right. I asked him to back up plus slow down. I wanted to know what he was saying about multi-location digital marketing solutions, plus he paused. He was good. He said that he was sure I was the genre of man who would not be cheerful if they didn’t grow plus expand. Eventually I was going to need multi-location digital marketing solutions, plus being prepared for it ahead of time was a plus. He was offering to get myself and others on the right track now, so that when I added another cannabis dispensary to our business, I was ready to go with just a few clicks. I had to chuckle when I heard his explanation plus I had to confess that he was good. When he made a faux-pas, he was able to hastily bounce back.

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