Medical Marijuana Part of a Welcome Treatment Plan

My sweet kids often ask me why I don’t do all the stuff other moms do.

She’s just 5 but my kids can tell that I’m a bit bizarre with regard to mobility than the other adults they know.

I’m absolutely candid with my kids about her mom having MS. Of course, they don’t completely understand the condition, but they know that people all have different abilities and sometimes there are conditions that make movement harder. Thankfully, my husband, my kids, my great medical professionals, my MS support group and medical cannabis all help me. The combination of all these variations of support undoubtedly makes managing life with MS more doable. The MS support group is where I found out about the benefits of medical marijuana on my condition. Prior to that, I wouldn’t have thought to learn how to get a medical marijuana card. Fortunately, my fiance found and recommended my MS group early on after my diagnosis. I learned a lot in that group, especially that MS can just be a designation and it doesn’t have to define who I am as a person. There are treatments out there that can help those with MS deal with life’s obstacles. I suppose that cannabis flower products are a sizable component of my treatment. The medical cannabis allows me much greater flexibility so I can exercise appropriately. And I can also count on medical cannabis to relieve or stop much of the muscle spasms that are part of my life. It’s been almost 2 years since my MS diagnosis and I’m living life. I’m glad I have access to medical cannabis products as they make such a beneficial difference in my treatment plan.


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