Finding an uber back home was really difficult

The boys and I went to a baseball game on Tuesday afternoon.

I told the boss that I had a doctor’s appointment and I went home to prepare for the game.

I took a shower, changed into my lucky shirt and baseball cap and waited outside by the bus stop for Jack. The baseball game was about 45 minutes away and we planned to take the bus. Jack called me and said he got a good deal on an Uber to the city and he came by to pick me up ten minutes later. I didn’t mind taking a private cab. It was definitely cleaner and safer than the public transit. Jack had the driver drop us off about a block away from the stadium, so we could smoke a mairjuana joint. Since marijuana is legal in this state, nobody really cares if you walk down the street with a marijuana joint as long as you aren’t bothering anyone. Jack and I smoked the whole marijuana joint before we got to the doors to the arena. We presented our tickets to the guy at the ticket counter. The game lasted 10 Innings and it was a fierce competition between the two teams. There were three different endings with no runs scored and no heads at all. The next three innings had 12 runs scored in total. It was an up-and-down roller-coaster and it was very late when the game was over. We planned to take the same car service back to our apartment, but finding an Uber back home was much more difficult than taking one to the game. The rates were almost twice as high.

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