The delivery guy was just getting to the house

The marijuana delivery service in town always takes about 2 hours to fill an order and deliver the product.

It’s never been less than an hour and I have ordered from the dispensary at least a dozen or more times in the past 6 months. Before I left my job on Thursday, I contacted the marijuana dispensary to place an order for delivery. I was completely out of marijuana and I did not want to spend much time at home without getting high. I stopped at the ATM on my way home from work, so I would have plenty of cash in my wallet for the delivery driver. The dispensary only accepts cash for all of the orders. If you don’t have cash, you don’t get weed. I never got a phone call from the dispensary, so I figured the place was backed up with delivery orders. I did not expect the driver to be sitting at my front door step when I got home. It had only been an hour. The guy looked annoyed. He told me that he had knocked on the apartment door several times and no one answered. He was just getting ready to call me on the telephone. I explained to the guy that I did not expect him to show up so early. I also told the driver that the store never called to confirm the delivery. The guy seemed less annoyed after I explained the circumstances. I also gave the guy a pretty big tip, which should have helped to ease the situation.

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