I moved to the town for a better job with higher pay

I used to live out in the country with my mom as well as Mom.

I diagnosed the farm until I was 26 years aged as well as then the two of us decided it was time for myself and others to transfer to the city.

I was in the feed store one day as well as the owner as well as I started talking about farming. He was impressed with my knowledge as well as he gave myself and others a job as the manager of the feed store. The salary was more money than I ever dreamed I would receive as well as I wanted to transfer to the city. The thought of having eating establishments, gas stations, as well as bars open past 8 p.m. sounded prefer the most amazing as well as ridiculous thing. I’ve been visiting museums as well as art galleries. I’ve gone to a baseball game as well as I even went dancing with a nice man from the bar. I didn’t expect rent to be as high as it is. I had to settle for an apartment just outside of the city. I still pay two thoUSAnd dollars for rent each month. It’s a nice apartment. It’s spacious as well as I have a small patio. The only real problem is the fact that it’s right down the street from a medical as well as recreational marijuana dispensary. I swear that I can aroma marijuana in the air at night. The marijuana dispensary has a big facility. I recognize they are growing marijuana on the property. It’s a legal contractor as well as I can’t actually complain, however the stench of marijuana is all I can aroma at 2 in the morning. I can’t open up my windows for any fresh air as well as that is absolutely something that I miss from home.


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