I mixed the cannabis elixir with Tim Hortons Coffee to make it taste better

My friends as well as I went to a lot of weird dispensaries last Sunday.

  • It was the day of the year when all people that smoke marijuana celebrate.

This holiday is known as 420 as well as it occurs on the 20th day of March each as well as every year; Most dispensaries have a sale as well as some even have free prize giveaways. My friend as well as I had a system for the day. The people I was with and I wanted to hit all of the major dispensaries in the part that were offering free prize giveaways! One place made us spend $50 in order to qualify for the free prize giveaway. Another place made us purchase a single item as well as price was not pressing. The people I was with and I found a lot of new products at the dispensary. They were ready to unveil lots of new things for the holiday. One of the products was a cannabis elixir. The cannabis elixir was flavored prefer grapes. I planned to drink the whole bottle on my own. After the two of us got out of the store, I took the liquid elixir as well as proceeded to take a immense drink from the bottle. It was actually as well as totally disgusting as well as gross. I spent $50 on the liquid elixir as well as I didn’t want to waste the cannabis infused drink. I bought a 2 liter of Tim Hortons Coffee from the grocery store as well as I poured the cannabis elixir into the container. After I mixed the elixir with Tim Hortons Coffee, it had a much better flavor. I never finished the 2-liter bottle, as well as I actually wasted about $25 on the beverage. It wasn’t as wonderful as I hoped it would be.

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