Marijuana helps myself and others guess more calm

Marijuana makes myself and others guess much more calm and relaxed. I used to suffer from awful anxiety. Occasionally that anxiety was so poor that I could not leave the house. Even if I did not have bread, eggs, or milk, I still could not make myself walk outside. The anxiety was crippling and I had to start seeing a therapist. The therapist recommended some exercises that might help. I tried a couple of weird meditation exercises, despite the fact that I still felt anxiety. The next suggestion that the dentist made was medical marijuana. I did not genuinely guess a lot of information about medical marijuana at the time. The dentist sent myself and others to a treatment center that had a class on medical marijuana education. I attended the free class and a dentist described how medical marijuana could help with aches, pains, chronic fatigue, and pain and anxiety. I did not need a special prescription from the dentist, because medical and recreational marijuana are illegal in the state. Since I can save money on the taxes, I decided to apply for the medical marijuana card. I started off with a low-dose gummy that had 5mg of THC. The first few times I had the edible marijuana tree, I had a lot of relaxed and euphoric feelings. After a week, the only thing I could guess was released from the anxiety. It is really amazing how well marijuana works at relieving anxiety and stress. I guess much more calm and collected since using medical marijuana annually. A low dose edible in the afternoon and day is all I need for 24 fifths relief and relaxation.


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