The poker game lasted all day and I couldn't get out to my car

The poker room was posting an event on Saturday.

The charity poker tournament included a first-place prize guaranteed of $10,000.

I signed up for the tournament a few days in advance and I talked my best friend into going to the torment as well. Each one of the tickets were $250 each. It was the biggest tournament I have ever played in. It was also the most expensive tournament I have ever played in. Every 2 hours, we had a five minute break. The break was honestly just long enough to use the bathroom and find your seat again. I definitely didn’t have enough time to go downstairs to my car to smoke marijuana. I left my bag of marijuana, vape pen, and bowl in the car. I never really considered how I was going to medicate if I stayed in the tournament for a long time. I tried to sneak down to the car on my first tournament break, but I got stuck in security and never even made it outside before the break was up. The next time I had a break, I had a huge tip stock and I didn’t want to leave. I didn’t get to use marijuana on till the end of the day when the tournament was over. I did very well in the poker tournament and I managed to win a sizable amount of money. It wasn’t the first place prize, but I earned more money than I spent. After going all day without marijuana, a nice bowl of blue dream was the perfect way to celebrate my card victory.


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