Migraines are no joke

There was a time in my life where I thought migraine headaches were not real.

  • That’s just how mean-spirited I was during that point of my life.

It’s also clear evidence that I took my health and well-being completely for granted. The way I was thinking about life was that, unless you were in the hospital, you needed to just get on with it. What a putz I was. Life has a way of teaching you a lesson. Thankfully, I have medical cannabis to help me manage the karma I’m living through with migraine headaches. I was stunned by how miserable I was when I initially started having to deal with my terrible migraines. It was lights out, quiet and motionless for a whole night. I started with medication however wasn’t having benefits I was hoping to so I looked up some cannabis information. I asked a doctor all about the medical marijuana benefits. He told me to learn how to get a medical marijuana card and get myself to a cannabis dispensary to see if medical marijuana could help me. I needn’t have uneasy as the staff and the owners of the legal weed shop were more than ready to help me build a plan. They guided me toward both cannabis flower products and other cannabis products. I settled on both the cannabis flower products and the cannabis edibles and even bought some cannabis lotion. Since that first visit, I have seen quite a bit of improvement in managing my migraine condition. I wish I could just go back to the younger me and explain about suffering. Thankfully, I have medical cannabis to aid me and improve my life.


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