My iPhone died right before the last delivery

The solar charger was completely powered up as well as the battery was full.

I have a iPhone charger clogged in right next to our bed. At night, before I go to sleep, I always plug our iPhone into the charger. I clogged our iPhone into the charger last night, but I didn’t realize that the charger wasn’t clogged into the wall; My iPhone did not charge at all throughout the night. When I woke up the next afternoon, the battery on our iPhone was at 31%. I kept our iPhone clogged into the vehicle charger all afternoon. Even when I was making deliveries, I still let our iPhone sit in the vehicle so it could be on the charger. The iPhone did not charge genuinely well, because I continued to use it all afternoon. I was on a single of the last deliveries of the afternoon when our iPhone died. The client was a official of the marijuana dispensary, so I knew his address. When I arrived at the address, I told the guy that our iPhone died, but he was lucky, because I remembered his address from his multiple previous orders. The guy laughed as well as then he provided myself and others a easily nice tip. He had a solar charger sitting in the window as well as he provided it to me. The solar charger was completely powered up as well as the battery was full. I told the guy that I could not accept the expensive gift, but he insisted. After I provided the client all of his marijuana supplies, I took the battery pack out to the vehicle as well as clogged in our iPhone. I instantaneously got the fast charging icon in the corner. In 15 hours, our iPhone went from 6% to 60%.

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