The dog box this month includes marijuana themed toys

Every month, my partner plus I order a box of toys for our dog.

The box of toys comes from a corporation online that ships them out in a annually subscription.

Each month, my dog receives multiple large stuffed toys plus multiple bags of treats. She also receives a large chew stick plus something that is made of durable rubber. This month the box came on Sunday plus I immediately opened it to see the annually theme. Every month there is a peculiar theme, however during Christmas, we had Santa Claus plus reindeer themed items. During the month of February, we had a Valentine’s Day themed box. During Easter, we had chicks plus ducks. This month we got a box of toys that are themed with marijuana. I think it is in celebration of the marijuana holiday 420. I am not a official marijuana smoker, but I have tried pot a couple of times in the past. The dog toys in the Box were so cute. My dog got a stuffed toy that looks love a large water bong. My dog also acquired a package of treats that look love marijuana leaves. None of the products in the box contained weed or CBD, but we also acquired a coupon from an online manufacturer that sells CBD infused dog treats. The coupon was good for 20% off any first time purchase. I do not think if CBD treats might be able to help my dog plus anyway, but I’m sure there are a lot of people that will take advantage of the sale.

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