Medical Marijuana Completely Turns My Life Around

My dad never had complete trust in doctors. He used to say they are just people. I feel the same way as I battle chronic inflammation. What I thought was initially a pulled muscle has developed into an inflammatory condition that has taken over my life. I went from being a healthy active person to being unable to walk to the mailbox. Medical marijuana is helping me eek out a life that I can live with. The medical doctors were as baffled as I was as the inflammation spread across my body and the pain only worsened every day. I could hardly do anything. The only joy I got from life was sitting in my recliner. Even sleeping wasn’t happening without heavy pain killers involved. The whole situation finally just seemed care about a single sizable horrible cycle so I started trying to learn about more than man-made drugs, and I found some cannabis information. From there, with the help of my brother, I jumped through the hoops that are called marijuana regulations in order to get to the cannabis dispensary. But it was well worth the time. For me, the medical marijuana benefits were incredible. I had more range of motion and less pain than I can ever remember. That motivated me to eat better and go to the gym. Plus, I was now sleeping through the night without pain killers. In fact, the pain relief with medical marijuana is so incredible and amazing that I’m rarely ever needing a heavy pain killer. Life looks like it might be worth living again for me. And I won’t be taking that life for granted once I get it back. With medical cannabis treatments, I may not be cured however I get to be active and doing things again.

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