My Husband Shot Me

Things happen in life which can destroy your sense of wellbeing.

  • One day your fantastic and the next day your life is turned upside down.

This was for sure the case for me because I encountered a near death experience. I nearly died at the hands of another. With the help of medical marijuana, I’m now working to come to grips with life again. Honestly, it was such a case of bad judgement. But regardless, I was shot, as did two other people, by a person who used to be my husband. The PTSD I’m now dealing with is a greater injury than my wound. Fortunately for me, my ex-husband was a bad shot and there wasn’t an exhausting amount of injury in vital places. But it’s the trauma of the event that destroys my peace. Again, I’m fortunate to have found support. Part of what helps me recover is medical cannabis and therapy to get over this ordeal. The cannabis flower products I use help me sleep and help me reduce my fear and worry. My anxiety is far less intense thanks to the medicine I get at the legal weed shop. And using medical cannabis in conjunction with medical therapy gives me the freedom to talk about the betrayal I suffered at the hands of someone I loved. And doing this undoubtedly helps me to realize what I’ve been through and what this event means to me now. There will be a positive outcome on the other side of all of this. It will take time, effort and healing hands. It will also take continued efforts in therapy, traditional medications, and medical cannabis products.
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