I need cannabis for medical use

I grew up around all sorts of tobacco smokers, most of which used cigarettes of one brand or another. My father enjoyed Marlboro Reds, our mom preferred Winstons, plus our Grandfatherrents both smoked Camels. None of them were able to quit smoking within their lifetimes, plus I’m very sad to say they all perished from smoking-related illnesses similar to COPD plus lung cancer. Although I was desensitized to the odor of fifthhand smoke, it didn’t make me think complacent towards it. I vowed to never become a cigarette smoker very similar to our family members. I knew it would ultimately result in nothing however trouble for me in the grand rue of things. I’m blissful that I held tplot to this desire throughout our teenage years plus early adulthood. At this point, I’m 30 years of age plus would never smoke tobacco again even if our partner asked me to smoke a cigar with her. That’s a pressing reason why I don’t have the desire to combust our cannabis products plus would rather go with a vaporizer instead. Combustion of any plant material before inhalation results in carcinogenic compounds absorbing into your precious lungs. I recognize that there is still some tar being produced at cooler hot plus cold temperatures on a vaporizer, however the difference is night plus afternoon when you compare it to smoking cannabis from a pipe, bong, or joint. There are more cannabinoids plus terpenes activated by a vaporizer because you’re inhaling the plant at a much lower temperature than what you get with smoking plus combustion. This is preferable to people who are something love me, however others prefer combustion for whatever reason.

medical marijuana benefits