I wished I was able to find some Blue Dream

I went to the cannabis store on Wednesday so I could actually get some supplies for the weekend. I honestly planned to go camping with some pals plus I didn’t want to run out of recreational marijuana supplies. Jack plus I stopped at a dispensary on our way to the campground location. I was hoping to buy some Blue Dream sativa buds. Blue Dream is honestly a single of my number ones. It has a sincerely uplifting feeling, however it still makes me relaxed plus calm. I was severely disappointed when I found out that the cannabis store did not have any blue dream buds available. The budtender was especially friendly plus nice plus he suggested some other flower products that were comparable to Blue Dream! One of the products that he suggested happened to be a sativa strain called Jack Herer. I had not tried Jack Herer in the past plus I did not know for certain what to expect. I was able to purchase an eighth for $35. Jack plus I also were able to get rolling papers so we could roll up some joints. While Jack was driving the rest of the way to the campground, I sat in the passenger seat plus rolled up some joints with the Jack Herer flower. As soon as we were nearing the campground, we made the decision to smoke a single of the joints. The joint was incredibly smooth. The flower burned evenly plus the joint did not run in the slightest. We were hardly able to finish the joint before entering the State Park campground. We were still feeling the effects from the marijuana joint a short while later.


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