Saw a very rare bird when I was smoking

My partner does not appreciate it at all when I smoke recreational marijuana in the dwelling… She doesn’t enjoy the horrible stench plus brutal smell from the marijuana flower.

She complains if I leave the door ajar outside, because the smoke plus stench comes into the dwelling plus it takes hours for it to leave. I most often go outside on the back porch when I have the desire to smoke a bit of a marijuana joint. I have a chair plus a little table on the porch. It’s a comfortable place, but I am outside. I also have a lovely view of the mountains plus the lake from the porch. I was outside the other month smoking a marijuana joint plus I happened to see something totally amazing. It’s undoubtedly scarce to see bald eagles in these parts! When I was taking it easy outside smoking a marijuana joint, a bald eagle perched on the tree by the porch. He basically just sat there plus watched me for a half hour. The experience was undoubtedly enjoyable plus interesting. The eagle watched me the whole time that I was smoking my marijuana. I texted my partner so he could come outside plus see the eagle for himself. Unfortunately, the eagle flew away before my partner easily came outside. She made an attempt to tell me that the eagle was a falcon or a hawk, but I most definitely knew what I saw. Even though I was high, that does not take away my gift to properly identify local birds. I really should have taken a picture of the eagle before it chose to leave. Then possibly my partner would have believed my story.
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