I was practically hanging out with the bald eagle

My spouse does not appreciate it very much when I smoke recreational marijuana in the residence.

She definitely hates the horrible stench as well as stink from the marijuana flower.

She regularly complains if I leave the door open outside, since the smoke as well as stench comes into the residence as well as it takes a particularly long time for it to leave. I usually go outside on the back porch when I honestly feel like smoking a marijuana joint. I have a chair as well as a small table on the porch. It’s not a bad spot, however I am outside. I also have a nice view of the mountains as well as the lake from the porch. I was outside fairly recently smoking a marijuana joint as well as something that caught my eye that was incredibly amazing. It’s unquestionably rare to see bald eagles in this area! When I was outside smoking a marijuana joint, a bald eagle chose to land on the tree by the porch! The eagles sat there as well as watched me for a certain period of time. The experience was unquestionably neat as well as interesting. The eagle watched me the whole time that I was smoking marijuana. I texted my spouse so she could come outside as well as see the eagle as well! Regrettably, the eagle flew away before my spouse made the move to come outside. She tried to tell me that the eagle was a falcon or a hawk most likely, although I certainly know what I saw. Even though I was high at the time, that does not take away my ability to officially identify birds in the area. I really should have taken a picture of the eagle before it was gone. Then maybe my spouse would have believed what I was telling her.

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