The best cookies are prepared with cannabutter

Jack & I headed out to the cannabis store on Monday, however the location had a number of new products & they were all on sale.

One of the new products is cannabutter.

The cannabutter is a dairy based butter product that is filled with cannabis. The cannabutter is supposed to be great for baking & cooking. When I saw the cannabutter, I instantly was excited, but I love cooking & baking at home, but I have never tried to make my own cannabis Edibles. I knew it was a taxing process & I honestly didn’t have the wish to waste any marijuana while in the procedure. I was absolutely afraid to waste an ounce of marijuana & not end up with anything edible when I was completed with the baking. The cannabutter took most of the taxing steps out of the process. I didn’t have to be bothered about infusing oil or butter with cannabis & that is the most horrific part of the process. The cannabutter products were especially high-priced. It’s no wonder all of the bakeries charge top dollar for cannabis edibles. I was able to find the butter product genuinely easy to work with. It portioned out like official butter & baked the same as well. The recipe wasn’t truly difficult to follow. I had to bake the cookies for approximately 8 minutes instead of 10. I took them out extremely early so that the cookies would not be crunchy. I care about a cookie that is chewier. I treated my pals to the cookies later that night & they had the feeling that the cookies were certainly delicious & flavorful, and just a small number of my boys asked me for the recipe.



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