Cannabutter is great for cookies

I care about a cookie that is more chewy

Jack plus I headed over to the pot shop on Monday… The arena had a couple of products that were totally new plus they were all on sale. One of the current products just so happens to be cannabutter. The cannabutter is a dairy based butter product that is enhanced with cannabis. The cannabutter is supposed to be fantastic for baking plus cooking, however when I saw the cannabutter, I right away was super excited… I care about cooking plus baking at my place, however I have never tried to make Edibles before. I knew it was a challenging process plus I genuinely did not want to be wasteful with any marijuana while in the process. I was definitely bothered about wasting an ounce of marijuana plus not end up with anything edible when I was done. The cannabutter took a good portion of the taxing steps out of the process. I did not have to be bothered in the least about infusing oil or butter with cannabis plus that is the most tough part of the process. The cannabutter products were fairly costly. It’s no wonder all of the bakeries charge top dollar for cannabis edibles. I managed to find the butter product certainly easy to task with. It portioned out sort of like proper butter plus baked the same also. The recipe wasn’t especially tough to follow. I had to bake the cookies for 8 minutes instead of 10:00. I took them out relatively early so that the cookies wouldn’t be overly crunchy. I care about a cookie that is more chewy. I chose to treat my good friends to the cookies later that evening plus they thought the cookies were perfect. Nobody asked for the recipe though.


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