Can’t go wrong with cookies and cannabutter

I took them out early so that the cookies would not be terribly crunchy

Ted plus I went to the dispensary on Thursday. The locale had all kinds of new products plus they were all on sale. One of the new products actually is cannabutter. The cannabutter is a dairy based butter product that is infused with cannabis. The cannabutter is meant to be perfect for baking plus cooking. When I saw the cannabutter, I instantly was entirely excited. I love cooking plus baking at home, however I’ve never tried to make my own Edibles. I was aware that it was a taxing process plus I truthfully did not want to waste any marijuana during the process. I was basically afraid to waste an ounce of marijuana plus not end up with anything edible when I was eventually done. The cannabutter took a huge amount of the strenuous steps out of the process. I did not have to be concerned about infusing oil or butter with cannabis plus that is the most taxing step of the process. The cannabutter products were super costly. It’s no wonder all of the bakeries charge a great deal of money for cannabis edibles. I found the butter product entirely self-explanatory to work with. It portioned out precisely like proper butter plus baked the same. The recipe wasn’t all that tough to follow. I had to bake the cookies for 8 minutes instead of 10:00. I took them out early so that the cookies would not be terribly crunchy. I care about a cookie that is way more chewier. I treated my awesome friends to the cookies later that night plus they thought the cookies were wonderful. Some of the guys asked me for the recipe.

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