Everybody was getting free cannabis samples

I knew without a doubt that Monday was going to be a busy afternoon at the cannabis store.

We actually had 10% off all edibles that afternoon.

Even the brownies & space cake were included in this huge sale. We were also planning to have a representative in the lobby from 9 a.m. until 5 PM. The representative was there to promote a brand new live resin product from the manufacturer. The representative had entirely free one gram samples of the live resin product & they were available to clients with any purchase that happened to be from their product line. I honestly already planned to go for some cannabis concentrate, however the sale made my selection truly different. Instead of going for the cheaply priced cannabis concentrate product, I decided to go for one of the items from the supplier in the lobby. The concentrate was most definitely more high-priced, however it was something like getting it for half price after I received something for no cost. The free cannabis concentrate turned out to be amazing. The flavor was awesome & the high lasted forever. Several cannabis shop clients also took advantage of the sale. Our repeat clients had the best things to say about the live resin cannabis product. Everything went so well that the supplier is going to send the representative once more next month with a different product from the modern cannabis variety. It definitely does not hurt the cannabis store to have a representative taking it easy in the lobby. Our sales are boosted by at least 20% when every one of us has a free giveaway like that or a nice sale. The cannabis store was actually busier than normal last Monday & next month will likely be similar with sales.

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