We boost business when we have reps giving out free cannabis

I knew Tuesday was going to be a relatively tied up afternoon at the weed shop, but the people I was with and I had 10% off all edibles that afternoon.

  • Even the brownies in addition to enjoyable cannabis cake were included in the sale.

The people I was with and I were also making actual plans to have a representative in the lobby from 9 a.m. until 5 PM. The representative was there to promote a newer live resin product from the manufacturer. The representative had free 1 gram samples of the live resin product in addition to they were available to customers with any purchase of their products. I already planned to buy cannabis concentrate, however the sale made our selection remarkably different. Instead of going for the lower priced cannabis concentrate product, I purchased 1 of the units from the company in the lobby. The concentrate was pretty expensive, however it was sort of like getting it for half price after I gained something for completely free. The free cannabis concentrate turned out to be super delicious. The flavor was unbelievable in addition to the high lasted for quite a few hours… Several weed shop customers also took complete advantage of the sale, but my repeat customers had fantastic things to say about the live resin cannabis product. Everything went so well that the company is going to send the representative again the very next week with an uncommon product from the current cannabis collection. It most certainly doesn’t hurt the weed shop to have a representative resting in the lobby. Our sales are very often boosted by at least 20% when every one of us has a free giveaway or massive sale. The weed shop was busier than normal last Tuesday in addition to next week will be the same for certain.


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