The guy in the parking lot was becoming trouble for us

I essentially work at a medical as well as recreational weed store! The building is actually found across the street from the mental health center! All of us frequently receive patients that are coming straight from the mental health center.

Some of those patients are relatively spine-chilling. Six weeks ago I was working at the counter as well as a patient came into the store to acquire some marijuana products. The guy was mumbling under his breath as well as talking to himself. He only said a little bit when I tried to find out what he wanted from the store. After the guy made his purchase, he sat in the parking lot for the course of the afternoon. None of our purchasers made complaints about the guy in the parking lot, so the people I was with and I did not force the guy to go away. Things were particularly quiet in the store as well as the parking lot for a long duration of time. Regrettably, things took a turn for the worse later that afternoon when the guy decided to begin harassing some of our purchasers. He was begging for cash for food. I sent the security officer outside to escort the guy from the property. I did not mind the guy hanging out in the lot for so long until he was causing all sorts of trouble. The mental health patient refused to leave the parking lot as well as the people I was with and I had to get a hold of the police for assistance. The police ended up taking the guy back to the hospital across the street. It’s not the first time we have had to contact the police when numerous issues arise, as well as I am sure it won’t be the last time either. When you deal with marijuana patients all afternoon, there is bound to be a major issue every once in a while.

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