The car broke down on the side of the road

I really love my job working as a delivery driver. I have a flexible schedule and the boss lets me take off any time that I need. If I have a doctor’s appointment, my boss will adjust the schedule and make things flexible so I can go to the doctor and come to work later. If I want a couple of days for vacation, I can easily ask for them off. The dispensary has lots of employees and all of our time off requests are always granted. I requested time off work last weekend, because I needed to take my car to the dealership for repairs. They had a 7 a.m. appointment on Saturday morning. I planned to drop off my car on Friday night, so the guys would have it there first thing in the morning the next day. Unfortunately, my car broke down on Friday at work. I was on my way to a marijuana delivery. I had three orders in my car. I delivered that first marijuana order to the customer. I turned off my car to walk up to the house. When I came back to my car, it did not want to start. It had trouble turning over. I thought I was doomed to break down in the driveway of a customer, but the car finally started and I drove away. I went to the next customer and this time I did not turn off the car. After the third delivery I went back to the marijuana dispensary. I turned off my car and went indoors to get a couple more orders. That was the last time my car engine ran. I had to get someone to tow it to the ford dealership.
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