Can’t have my pals smoking all the weed I have

Even though I happen to live in a state with legal recreational and medical marijuana laws, it still is overpriced.

I have to pay state and excise tax on every purchase.

I have easily tried all of my first-time patient specials in this county and all of the cannabis stores in the surrounding area. I have to actually pay regular prices unless I purchase marijuana on a day when the items happen to be on sale. I don’t give weed away for free usually, however that has been happening a lot lately. My pals lost their tasks when they made the choice to go to a concert instead of work. I warned the people that the boss was not going to take things well if they did not show up on a Wednesday. The boss fired both of them on Friday. They showed up at my venue not so long ago, because they did not have any marijuana to enjoy. I basically always keep marijuana in the dwelling, because I don’t appreciate it when I run out. I consider marijuana to be medicine and I would never take any severe risk of running out of my blood pressure or heart medication. I recognize marijuana is the same. My pals have been coming to the dwelling to smoke out with me during the night. It did not bother me in the least the first or ninth time, however now it seems essentially like they are not even looking for work any longer. I can’t continue to supply my pals with cannabis buds. It’s too costly for me and they need to find a task. I just don’t truly know how to say no! When they come over, I am unable to pretend that I’m not home.

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