I don’t like giving away my cannabis even to my good friends

Even though I easily live in a state with legal recreational plus medical marijuana laws, it is still fairly expensive! I have to cover the cost for the state plus excise tax on every purchase.

  • I have genuinely tried all of my first-time patient specials in this county plus all of the pot shops in the surrounding area.

I have to spend money at the typical prices unless I purchase marijuana on a day when the items just so happen to be on sale. I don’t give weed away for free to people most of the time, but that has been happening all of the time lately… My good friends lost their jobs when they made the choice to go to a concert instead of work. I warned the men that the boss was not going to take things well if they did not show up on a Friday. The boss fired both of them on Tuesday. They showed up at my arena not so long ago, because they did not have any marijuana in the least. I constantly keep marijuana in the property, because I don’t like to run out. I consider marijuana to be medicine plus I would never take any particular risk of running out of my blood pressure or heart meds. I feel like marijuana is the same way. My friends have been coming to the beach property to smoke out with me inside the evening hours. It did not bother me the first or even the next time, but now it seems like they aren’t even looking for work at all. I cannot continue to supply my friends with all of my weed. It’s too high-priced plus they need to find a job. I just don’t have the strength to say no… When they come over, I am entirely unable to pretend that I’m not at my own property.


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