I stopped drinking but now I use cannabis

If I am being honest, I traded one harmful vice for another one! In the long run, I think that smoking pot is a far less harmful vice than drinking alcohol, however there are no addictive qualities, which is a large benefit, but alcohol is addictive, this has been proven by science! Cannabis is not addictive, and this has also been proven by science.

  • In addition, there are also a lot of medicinal qualities.

That’s what people say, anyway, I personally don’t know anything about science. I just love getting blitzed, and when I was drinking heavily I started to put on weight, but now that I switched over to using cannabis I am getting back into my old condition. They say that marijuana makes you lazy, but I have no problem smoking a bowl and then going to the gym for a quick workout. If anything, cannabis helps me focus, even if I do cough a bit more than I should. I love to stick with using sativa strains of cannabis, and stay away from indica, then sativa makes me clear-headed and focused, and actually lets me dive into the morning with enthusiasm. Indica is good every once in a while, but it makes me feel too sluggish, which is something else I don’t miss about drinking! My energy is up, my focus is enhanced, and my weight is going down, so I would say that cannabis is a large step up from drinking. Would my health improve even more if I quit drinking booze and quite smoking cannabis? I don’t know I will ever find out.
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