The demand for cannabis is high

How to succeed in business is a mystery that I have never been able to solve. I understand all the basics of supply and demand, but I think my timing is bad. Just recently I made a welcome discovery that may lead to some real money. For now, it’s a quick payday and some cash in my pocket, but I am trying to figure out how to expand and make it a real, viable business. I live right on the beach. I’m a half mile away from a small retirement community for wealthy elderly folks. Quite by accident I saw a couple old people walking while I was smoking cannabis on the beach. They offered me an insane amount of money to buy whatever cannabis I had on me. Instead of doing that, I offered to go into town and visit the cannabis dispensary, and get them whatever they wanted… for a surcharge, of course. It turns out that they were looking for an indica, whereas I usually smoke only sativa, so I took their money and went into town for them. They gave me five hundred dollars, and I bought them four hundred dollars worth of cannabis at the dispensary. They were so blown away by the amount of cannabis I bought them, they gave me another hundred bucks as a tip. That made me feel a little guilty, but not so guilty I didn’t do it again the next time. If they want to save money, all they have to do is drive to the cannabis dispensary themselves.
Indica strains