Got rid of my car and I strictly do delivery

I always get what I ordered on the same day.

I am car free now. Since I got an online based job I had been thinking about ditching my car. Then coronavirus happened and so many things started offering delivery. I could get my perceptions, groceries and toiletries all sent to my house. I was still holding off until my cannabis dispensary changed to delivery. Then I thought, what was the point of keeping a car. Recent gas prices gave me that final kick in the butt and I sold my car. I now only rely on a bicycle and it is great. Sometimes I like going into the real stores. My bike basket can carry quite a bit. I have a water bottle mount, a spot for my phone and a speaker that hooks to my handle bars. I have bike lights for night time protection as well. I can totally ride in style. Most of the time I just choose to do delivery. Cannabis delivery is honestly the best. My cannabis dispensary has an awesome website. Every product is pictured, has a decirte and reviews on it. There is an online chat feature where I can talk to a budtender as well. I look at what the sales are of the day, plug in my information, hit buy now and I just wait for my cannabis products. I always get what I ordered on the same day. It is so easy and convenient. If I end up paying a delivery fee it is never more than ten bucks. Overtime I am saving money by paying delivery fees rather than for a car.


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