CBC might undoubtedly inhibit tumor growth

I can’t wait for the afternoon when there are more chances for cancer patients to treat their conditions.

It was difficult enjoying our brother go through chemotherapy, although we’re glad that he endured it to the end because he finally went into remission.

But various people are not nearly as lucky as our brother. There are an unlucky number of people who are resistant to cancer treatments. This is how our Grandpa eventually passed away after fighting lung cancer for over a decade. He had many treatments of chemotherapy over the years, but in the end the cancer became so aggressive that it was no use. If the people I was with and I could find medicines that undoubtedly inhibit tumor plus cancer growth without the debilitating side effects of chemotherapy, it would be an absolute game changer for new medicine. This is where a lot of cannabis research has headed in recent years after a learn showed potential for cancer cell reduction with the THC molecule. But THC is just one of roughly 150 cannabinoids that are found in several strains of marijuana. Some of the major cannabinoids that researchers are looking at are CBD, CBG, CBN, plus CBC. While CBD has seen big success plus acceptance since industrial hemp was legalized, the other major cannabinoids are still largely unknown to the general public. CBG is being studied as an antimicrobial with extremely promising results. The cannabinoid CBC is inhibiting tumor growth in the clinical trials plus could be used for cancer treatment in the future. Between mental health regulation, pain reduction, antimicrobial properties, plus cancer treatment, marijuana cannabinoids are poised to create a paradigm shift in new medicine plus tools it has at its disposal.

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