I live in a home in the countryside

I don’t think what compelled me to buy a house so far into the countryside.

It’s one thing to be a few minutes out of a town in the countryside, but I’m at least 30 minutes away from society in any direction. Just going grocery shopping for one or multiple items is a frustrating situation. It isn’t so bad if I remember to stop at the store on my way home from work, but I dislike it when I forget a pressing item for dinner and I have no choice but to get in the car and drive to the store and get it. It would be even harder with a husband and youngsters because then I’d have other people relying on me to get a whole list of multiple items at the store each week to keep them ecstatic. My sibling is miserable right now because he says his family never seems pleased with his hard work, and it’s tough when he describes his wife and kids ganging up on him some mornings when his mental health is taking a severe beating. Instead of spending money on a wife and children, I can make use of my extra income and put it towards my cannabis habit. I have recently started using cannabis concentrates and they make my tolerance for THC increase considerably. At that point you need more weed in your system to reach the intended and necessary effects. The concentrates need to ideally stay chilly without getting hot, so more often than not I bring a mini cooler with me each time I take a trip to a cannabis dispensary. My drives are long, so at least the mini cooler stops my cannabis concentrates from getting too hot.

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