My friend opened a cannabis dispensary

My friend Cam opened up a cannabis dispensary in the next town over a few years ao.

The cannabis dispensary is doing really well for him.

He is always telling me that his cannabis business is doing much better than he ever anticipated that it would. I’m really happy for him. Whenever he first told us that he was going to open up a cannabis dispensary in this part of the state, we were just a little bit skeptical about the whole thing. We had never even heard of anyone running a successful cannabis business in this part of the state before. My friends and I were concerned that Cam would not be a welcome addition to the businesses around here. It’s a pretty conservative area and we just didn’t know how he would be accepted. However, luckily for Cam, that has not ended up being the case at all. Cam is doing really great and his cannabis dispensary is busy all the time now. He is always hiring new people to help him out at the cannabis events that he puts on at the store and he’s really invested in educating the community about cannabis products and what they can do for you. I’m really proud of him because he works really hard at keeping up with the cannabis rules and regulations for the state and local authorities. Those things are changing constantly and so it’s a big job for him. However, the cannabis dispensary is doing really well and I think Cam is a success at all of it!


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