I know that medical marijuana was a fantastic decision

I know that starting to use medical marijuana has been one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made in our entire life, and since I have always had to deal with chronic pain, ever since I was little, I have always been trying to find something that will help, then hip and shoulder pain is a large issue for myself and others and nothing has ever absolutely seemed to help… I’ve tried nearly everything to get rid of it but nothing has done the trick, but my nurses wanted to put myself and others on a lot of high powered drugs, but I didn’t want to do that at all, that’s when I started to do a lot of research into different ways of managing our pain.

I ended up finding out that medical marijuana is a absolutely fantastic alternative to some of the pain meds that they wanted to put myself and others on. Medical uses for marijuana are growing by leaps and bounds all the time, and there are tons of benefits for medical marijuana, however one of those benefits is helping with chronic pain and I know that it will be much more helpful for myself and others than any other kind of high powered pharmaceutical drug. I eventually talked to a medical marijuana nurse about it and he told myself and others how to get a medical marijuana card. Sure enough, the fact that I could use medical marijuana absolutely changed the way that I lived and worked. I knew that it would help myself and others and I was right. I genuinely didn’t want to use pain medications, that’s for sure. The medical marijuana products are so much better than those pain meds.

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