The driver brought us a bag of cookies

I like smoking pot and I’ve been a smoker for the past twenty years.

When I use recreational marijuana products, I often get the munchies. Marijuana makes me feel crazy hungry and I crave some weird foods like pickles, sauerkraut, hot dogs. I also crave lots of yummy and delicious foods like cookies, ice cream, and cake. The munchies are a great way to pack on a couple of extra pounds. I believe the feeling is mutual for most people. I don’t know a single person that doesn’t get the munchies from smoking a marijuana joint. When my friends and I ordered recreational marijuana from a delivery service in town, they even brought us a bag of cookies. It was a small snack size bag of cookies, but the driver gave each one of my friends and I a bag. We ordered $200 worth of marijuana supplies, but I think that warranted us to have all of the cookies that we wanted. The driver was cute and friendly. He looks like a really young Matt Damon from Bourne Identity. He thanked us for the tip and he left just as quickly as he arrived. A few days later, my friends and I decided to order from the marijuana delivery service again. We were hoping to get the same cute driver, but this time we had an older woman and she definitely did not look like Matt Damon. We were a little disappointed and the woman must have seen that on our faces, because she asked if we were expecting someone else.

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