I waited a while for the delivery driver

Sometimes my boyfriend is really impatient.

He really doesn’t like to wait when he is in a hurry.

We were supposed to go out to dinner with my mom and dad a couple of months ago, but my mom and dad missed the subway train and they were almost an hour late getting to the restaurant. My boyfriend complained all evening and my parents had an awful time. My boyfriend did not make a very good impression on either one of them. He really ruffled my feathers a couple of days ago too. We were supposed to go hang out with some friends for game night and the marijuana delivery service was running late. It’s not really a big deal and something that happens from time to time. They get busy on Wednesday night because of the sales. I told my boyfriend that we were going to have plenty of time to spare, but I was wrong. We only had to walk six blocks to get to our friend’s apartment. It only takes about 10 or 15 minutes. My boyfriend still got upset and angry when he realized that we were going to be late. He refused to wait with me for the marijuana dispensary driver. He got up and left the apartment even though the driver called to tell me that he was only fifteen minutes away. I was so angry with my boyfriend for leaving me behind that I decided not to go to game night. I stayed home and evaluated our relationship and the things I want for my future.

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