I smelled marijuana coming from the HVAC duct

I was toiling at a new office building last weekend plus it was the night shift.

The entire building was supposed to be empty.

I used a set of keys to let myself inside to clean. My uncle told me not to go to the address alone, despite the fact that I could not find anyone to help with the cleaning task, so I had to go by myself. I locked every door behind me when I entered plus left a room. I was cleaning a single of the Executive offices upstairs when I started to smell a entirely faint, but distinct smell. No smell honestly smelled love marijuana. I started searching all over the room plus the smell seemed to be coming from the HVAC duct. I did not see any visible smoke, so I easily thought I was going crazy. It had been a entirely long morning plus it seemed sufficient to me that I was hallucinating. I went to another office to scrub the desk plus the windows plus I smelled the same marijuana smell from earlier. This time the scent plus smell seemed to be much closer. The smell was coming from the HVAC duct, despite the fact that I could see smoke. I yelled hello down the air vent plus I heard some voices whispering. I stayed in the office plus I turned off all of the lights. I was a little scared until I saw more than one teenagers walk past the office I was cleaning. They obviously did not recognize that I was there. I opened up the door plus surprised them. One of the guys snatched the office keys from her father. She was using the office space as a clubhouse at night. The kids swore they would go straight apartment if I did not call the cops.

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