The budtender helped find our mom something for pain

I’ve been talking to our mom about trying recreational and medical marijuana, and she comes from a time and locale where marijuana was always considered to be a drug.

  • I did not believe she would ever change her mind, however I happen to have some cannabis gummies and our bag one day.

My mom asked if I had any Tylenol or Ibuprofen in our billfold. I had the Cannabis gummies and I gave to supply one to our mom. She proworked on, until an hour later when she was still in pain and did not have anything to take. She tried to tell myself and others that the Cannabis gummy was a fake. I think she thought she was going to think high as soon as she consumed the marijuana edible. I tried to tell our mom that the effects are not care about that at all. About 45 minutes after trying the edible, our mom started to think relaxed and comfortable. She told myself and others that the pain was floating away. She did not think particularally high, even though she genuinely could think the marijuana working. After that, our mom asked myself and others to take her to a medical marijuana dispensary so she could learn more information! Last Monday I took our mom and the budtender helped her find something for pain. The budtender was particularally kind and helpful and took her time with our mom. She helped our mom option out several weird items and gave her a large discount so she could try everything that looked interesting. I believe our mom spent about $200, even though she got a ton of things to show our dad.