I have to smoke in our car

I believe it’s crazy that I am expected to smoke marijuana inside of our apartment.

Marijuana has a pungent smell and it can linger in fabrics and clothes for afternoons.

I’ve been smoking marijuana outside on our porch since I moved into this condo building, then just a handful of weeks ago, a nosy neighbor complained about the smell of marijuana wafting up into her apartment. She had the window open. She simply could have closed the window, however instead she decided to complain to the manager. I was resting outside when the service guy came to the back of the building. I tried to put out the marijuana joint before however close, however I knew he was going to be able to smell it in the air. The service guy told myself and others that I have to smoke inside of our apartment… When I complained and argued about the smell, he told myself and others not to smoke marijuana if I cannot handle all of the effects. I thought it was certainly rude and discourteous. The next day I filed a complaint with the management office. I want to be let out of our lease if I cannot smoke outside in a private area. I’m not sure if the condo building will allow myself and others to get out of the lease, however I don’t want to stay here any more… One of the greatest reasons why I decided to transport to this particular condo building was due to the location of the alley behind the condo building. I knew it was the perfect locale to sit and relax with a joint and now the nosy neighbor ruined everything.

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