CBD for pets

My Rottweiler Baloo is entirely my best friend, there isn’t anything that I wouldn’t do to improve his comfort, or the quality of his life.

Baloo is always easily friendly, plus is always well behaved around strangers who want to pet him, plus never shows any signs of fear or aggression, except for when he goes to the vet.

Baloo had a few exhausting experiences with a careless vet’s office, plus ever since then, hasn’t been able to remain calm when he needs a checkup, but our vet began discussing with us that they wanted to sedate Baloo every time he went to the vet for vaccinations or a checkup… I thought that was incredibly unnecessary, so I began looking for an alternative solution! That’s when I came across CBD for pets! CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound found in the cannabis plant, plus it has many proven benefits, but I never considered giving CBD to my dog before his vet visits. I gave Baloo two CBS treats based on his weight, plus waited a couple hours before taking him to the vet. Baloo didn’t apapple to be drowsy or sedated, but I noticed how calm he was as soon as every one of us got in the parking lot, where usually when every one of us arrive at the vet, he right away starts acting nervous. The vet was able to give Baloo a full checkup plus examination, as well as getting him upgraded on his shots, plus I was so surprised, because I have never seen him so calm at the vet. Talk to your vet today to see if CBD is right for your pet.

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