It wasn’t too great when I ran out of cannabis supplies

I prefer to order marijuana from the pot shop and they have delivery hours from 10 a.m.

until 8 pm.

By the time I get back to my property from my job in the day, I usually am incredibly tired and I do not want to go to the pot shop. I have to take the subway 3 stops and it takes as long as 2 hours. It’s a lot cheaper than contacting the delivery service, however I do not always have time to go to the pot shop. This past Thursday was a rather stressful morning at work. I had clients in and out of the building all morning. There was a shareholders meeting that day to talk about the new fiscal budget and all of the bonuses. By the time I got back to my property from work, it was entirely too late to deliver. I ran out of time to order online. I only had a little amount of marijuana at my property, and I smoked the remainder of the resin that I had in my bowl. I discovered a half of a joint in the bottom of my weed box and I enjoyed that as well. The next morning, I woke up bright and early. I chose to take the subway all the way to the dispensary so I could fill up with supplies as soon as possible. I decided to buy a disposable vape pen while I was at the pot shop, so I could smoke on the subway. It’s not exactly legal to smoke the disposable vape pen on the subway, however I can get away with using it discreetly! Nobody seems to care unless there happens to be an elderly or disabled person relaxing on the train.

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