Benefits of Medical Cannabis

The use of cannabis has been dated as early as 400BC, plus has been used throughout human history for a variety of reasons, but with advancements in technology plus genetic engineering, every one of us now believe more about the cannabis plant than ever before.

Cannabinoids are compounds found within the cannabis plant, plus these bind to the cannabinoid receptors in our brain.

THC plus CBD are the two most widely known, however there are now more than 100 known cannabinoids, all with weird medical applications. Cannabinoids have been known to relieve chronic pain, making cannabis an excellent alternative for patients with chronic pain, instead of taking prescription painkillers. Cannabis has also been known to assist in the regulation of insulin, helping to lower the risk of diabetes, as well as help patients manage their weight, however many patients who suffer from depression plus anxiety have reported that cannabis has helped with these symptoms as well, then antidepressants plus anti-anxiety medications are known to carry long lists of side effects, plus cannabis patients consistently report no adverse side effects, as cannabis is a natural medicine. Cannabis has shown to help patients who suffer from ADD/ADHD, as cannabis has shown an ability to aid patients to maintain an increased level of focus. Cannabis has lately been shown to help regulate seizures. Many patients with uncontrollable seizures have reported that cannabis has been able to help with seizures while prescription medications have not, every day every one of us are discovering new benefits of cannabis. Talk to your nurse today to see if cannabis is a superb treatment for your ailments.

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