It was a shame that the cannabis oil leaked everywhere

My bestie and I had the day off work on Monday, so we chose to go to the beach, and the beach is a place I prefer spending my time! Periodically we take a picnic and sometimes we grab a burger from one of the vendors at the beach.

My bestie and I packed a cooler with sandwiches, chips, cookies, fruit, and drinks.

The two of us paid roughly $10 to park on the beach, so we would not have to agonize about parking. As we were pulling into the parking space, I realized that my vape pen battery was completely dead. I have a vape pen that I used to vape marijuana oil. I thought the battery was charged altogether, but the battery died before I had a chance to use the pen that day. I did not have the desire to take the pen out of the car since it was not working officially. I left the marijuana oil pen in the glove box of the car while we spent time at the beach, and when my bestie and I left the beach later on, I had to clean my glasses. They were dirty from all of the sand, water, and salt. I went inside of the glove box to grab a paper napkin and that is when I found a giant mess. The marijuana oil from the vape pen leaked everywhere in the glove box. There was marijuana pretty much all over and it was a crucial sticky mess. I had to toss the battery away along with the whole of the contents of a half-gram marijuana oil cart. There was no way I could clean it up and recover anything after the marijuana oil pen melted in the tremendous heat of the sun.

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