I honestly didn’t notice the car ahead of me hit their brakes

This past weekend I was in a horrible automobile accident plus now I have to rest at my beach condo by myself all afternoon plus all night. The accident was my own fault, really. I basically wasn’t paying attention to the automobile in front of me… When the owner of the automobile slammed on their brakes, I didn’t have enough time to react plus I slammed into the back of their car. The largest complication was the fact that I was working at the time. I deliver marijuana products for a recreational plus medical cannabis shop. I was on my way to a client with a marijuana order, when the accident easily happened. The damage was very serious plus the owner of the automobile contacted the state police. They had so many strange questions about my job plus all of the marijuana in the car. I easily thought they were going to take me away in handcuffs. They would not let me leave with all of that marijuana! My automobile was totaled anyways, so I didn’t have any way to transport the marijuana. My boss had to meet me at the scene of the accident plus she took all of the deliveries. She told me to go back to my place for the afternoon. The next afternoon I received a call from work. That director told me that I am suspended for several weeks plus they are going to thoroughly investigate the accident. They have the state police breathing down their neck plus the officers won’t release any of the items that they confiscated from my delivery car.


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