Wasn’t good to get into a car crash while delivering cannabis

Last weekend I was in a pretty crazy vehicle accident & now I have to kneel at beach property by myself all day & all night. The accident is definitely my own fault, I wasn’t paying attention to the vehicle in front of me. When the owner of the vehicle slammed on their brakes, I did not have enough time to react & I easily ran into the back of their car. The most substantial concern was the fact that I was actually doing work at the time. I regularly deliver marijuana products for a recreational & medical pot shop. I was on my way to a customer with a marijuana order, when the accident occurred. The injury was drastic & the owner of the vehicle chose to reach out to the state police. They had a fair amount of questions about my task & all of the marijuana in the car. I sincerely thought they were going to take me away in handcuffs. They wouldn’t let me leave with all of that marijuana in the ride… My vehicle was totaled anyways, so I did not have any way to transport the marijuana that I was carrying. My boss had to meet me at the scene of the accident & she took all of the deliveries… She told me to go back to my property for the day. The next day I had a call from work. That manager told me that I am suspended for many weeks & they are going to completely investigate the accident. They have the state police essentially breathing down their neck & the officers will not release any of the items that they actually confiscated from my car.

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