It was shameful to get into a car accident while delivering cannabis orders

Last weekend I was in a pretty awful car accident and now I have to relax at my residence by myself all afternoon and all night.

The accident is genuinely my own fault, really! I wasn’t paying attention to the car that was located in front of me.

When the owner of the car slammed on their brakes, I didn’t have nearly enough time to react and I hit the back of their car. The largest drawback was the fact that I was working at the time. I work to deliver marijuana products for a recreational and medical weed store. I was on my way to a client with a marijuana order, when the accident ended up happening. The disfigurement was dire and the owner of the car decided to call the state police. They had approximately a thousand odd questions about what I did for a living and all of the marijuana in the car. I truthfully thought they were going to take me away in handcuffs. They would not let me leave with all of that marijuana! My car was honestly totaled anyways, so I didn’t have any way to easily move all the marijuana products. My boss had to meet me at the scene of the accident and she took all of the deliveries, however she told me to go back to my residence for the afternoon. The next afternoon I was called from work. The manager suspended me for several weeks and they are going to completely investigate the accident. They have the state police giving them trouble and the officers will not release any of the cannabis items that they ended up confiscating from my car.


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