Recovery was boosted by medical marijuana

I am thankful that my state had the sense enough for legal medical marijuana.

I’m not sure that the hopes of having legal recreational marijuana is too likely.

But I’m so lucky to be able to access a cannabis dispensary in order to get my medical cannabis prescription .I’m fairly certain that if I didn’t get the cannabis products that I require, then my recovery would not be going well. I was injured in a fall at work. My fall off the building was pretty excruciating and tore ligaments in both knees. But it’s my upper back that required the most surgery and has needed the most in healing as well. At 1st, I just couldn’t do anything when it came to physical therapy. The pain got so excruciating that I was popping pain pills before and after the PT appointments. While the pills helped with the pain, I actually wasn’t getting the most from the physical therapy. And frankly speaking, the pain pills were sucking me in suddenly toward dependency. That’s so not a path that I wanted to be on. A person in the same PT arena where I go told me to consider starting to use medical marijuana. She was a back patient as well and went through a similar phase with narcotic drugs to endure the PT. But she found that medical marijuana both managed the pain while keeping her 100% focused on healing. The range of motion for her exercises had significantly improved with the cannabis products. That was enough for me and I received access to the local cannabis spot. I haven’t looked back since.


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